Thursday, April 2, 2009


Everyday I've been taking Caledonia for a walkabout with me. Winter has gone on long enough and I've had some major cabin fever (not to mention too many pounds on me) As for Donia, well she needs to learn to be a lady in public. So no matter what the weather, even today with the cold rain, we will go for a long walk.

Corn field and pond

Our neighbor runs a vegetable and hay farm. This is one of his fields - just over the hill are his cranberry bogs

No matter where you go in Massachusetts, your bound to see the obligatory stone wall. Gosh, the backbreaking work it must have been.

Every time I pass this spot and look off into the woods it makes my imagination run wild like a kid's. Evil queens, dwarves, wolves....

Homemade Goose Crossing Sign (Gotta watch out for our friends)

And then, back home where two guys from the crew were working on putting out the sprinkler heads on the bog. You can kind of see the little sprays going up from the bog. They are just turning on the system. I'll post pics soon of the system at full blast - it's surprisingly beautiful.

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