Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sale Is On People! (Oh, and I'm allergic to "Brown")

Today is April 20th gentle reader, and that means the Earth Day Saleabration is in full swing!
My collaborative group of vintage sellers on called The Vintage Market Team is having a sale in honor of Earth Day. From today until April 25th there are almost 700 vintage items on sale from 20%-75% off!! So Go Green, give Mother Earth a hug, reduce, reuse and recycle.......Buy vintage! It's easy. Just go to Etsy's homepage and in the search box, type the term VMTEAMEARTH and all the items in the sale will magically appear.
It's magic.

In other news..........

I've had food allergies for years. The freaky kind that make you not breathe anymore. I'm allergic to shellfish, (shrimp, lobster, oysters, scallops crab etc) spinach, fish oil, chitosan (stuff in vitamins and diet pills made from shellfish) and hey, that's all ok. But this past winter I've had a few freaky reactions to other things. Wonderful things like certain cookies, gravy and the worst of them all was to DIET COKE! Yup, diet coke! I called my allergist and went today. Much testing was done. In depth research and cross comparison of all ingredients was done as well and it seems my friends, I have become terribly allergic to caramel color. Holy Cow, people! I'm allergic to "brown". This will prove interesting.

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