Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Cranberry Bog Is Sleeping..... Shhhhh.

Cranberry bogs sleep in winter. So there is not much to show to you all right now. But when my bog wakes in the spring and like an angry bear and says "WTF!" "Whaaaa?" "Where am I...G-Damn!" which should be in about a month...I'll be posting you guys a blow-by-blow on the care and raising of a bog.

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  1. Wowee! Once every couple of weeks I click next blog in the top banner, and give myself three clicks to see if something neat comes up. Suffice to say I am mostly disappointed, as I generally get some tech wiz's trouble shooting code fixes, or some teens adventures with her 'bff's' (wtf??). This time around I completely luck out and get the first blog post by a girl named Grover who has assumed responsibility for the care and feeding of a bog! Well Miss Grover, my name is David, and with your permission I would love to follow along! and check out your Etsy shop too, my wifes girlfriend (not her bff though! ack) does a little stuff on Etsy weaving neat bags from recycled shopping bags and Angora wool (seperately, not together of course!) I am a mostly sane guy with just two kids and a wife, and a rather nutbar poodle, and though I don't take care of a bog, I do take care of a mostly well behaved Victorian house in a small town in Southwest Ontario.