Monday, March 16, 2009

The City Mouse and The Country Mouse

I grew up in NYC.
I married the son of a dairy farmer I met through my best friend in college.
Now I live on the edge of my cranberry bog on the edge of the country out by Cape Cod.
At their young ages, my kids know how to hand-scoop cranberries, they learned to swim in our pond. They know what frost tolerance is. They know how to feed a baby calf. They know hawks and owls and frogs and turtles.
Sometimes I miss the city and I bring the kids back to visit that incredible place and their family.
They know how to hail a cab. They know how to navigate the subways of NY, their heads bobbing as they fall asleep like little commuters. They know what the bus stop abreviations mean. They know diversity. They know skylines and bridges and ferries. They know Grand Central and South Ferry.
City Mice, Country mice. I like that very much.


  1. I cannot believe you live by a cranberry bog. That's one of the coolest things I've ever heard. Could you send me some? My husband has been requesting cranberry salsa.

  2. I must admit cranberry salsa is the royalty of all salsas : ) Right now fresh cranberries are a little harder to come by since they are harvested in the fall but if you give me an address I'll send you some if I can find them.

  3. Wonderful! What a beautiful bit of writing! I am so fortunate to be in a similar position, living in an old house in a small village in the country, with both grandparents of our two little mice living in the Big City of Toronto.